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World’s Most Sought-After Gems: Natural Fancy Colored Pink Diamonds

The pink diamond has often been called “The Queen of Diamonds.” For centuries its rare and regal beauty has been coveted by royalty for crown jewels and museum-worthy collections. The famed Dary-I-Noor pink diamond, for instance, is part of the Iranian Crown Jewels collection. The Condé Pink diamond, which once belonged to Louis XIII, now […]


Where to buy diamonds wholesale?

We are a major precious metals refiner for companies all around the United States. We are also a buyer and wholesaler of diamonds and colored stones. The Gold Center has gemologists on staff who sell to retailers, private collectors and investors. We are opening up this service to members of the public. Buy your jewelry […]


Where to sell scrap gold or silver jewelry?

When selling your gold and silver jewelry, scrap or otherwise it is best to deal with reputable local dealers. But where do the local dealers sell their collected metals? Jewelers, brokers, dentists, and pawn shops from around the country ship their scrap gold and silver to The Gold Center. Remove the middle-man by selling directly […]

Veterans Day 2019

    We at the Gold Center wish to thank our veterans today. We are and will forever be grateful.  

Federal Reserve cuts key U.S. interest rate by 0.25%

Volatile action in the Gold market in the aftermath of the first U.S. interest rate cut from the Federal Reserve in 11 years. Today, the Federal Reserve has cut rates (by 25bps) for the first time since Dec 2008 (and cut the IOER to 2.1% from 2.35%). Additionally, they announced the end of the normalization […]

How to sell your gold and precious metals

Do you have scrap gold and silver jewelry that is just sitting in your collection gathering dust and in the way of your other items? What about that piece you no longer want to wear? You can resell these items to a refinery for top dollar or you can sell to a pawn shop who […]