Sell your Items:

We want to buy your gold, silver, platinum and precious stones!  Bring your unwanted or broken jewelry to us. We refine precious metals onsite, so there is no middle man charging a premium.  When we see a piece of jewelry too beautiful to melt, we restore it for resale.

Dealers from around the country send their scrap gold/silver/platinum to our facility for refining.  By selling directly to us, you can remove the extra change of hands. Therefore, we are able to operate by slimmer margins and pay more for your treasures.

Here’s just a short list of what kind of “treasures” we purchase:

  •         Broken Jewelry (by piece or entire estates)
  •         Diamonds and other precious stones
  •         Scrap gold/silver/platinum/palladium
  •         Coins
  •         Candlesticks
  •         Dental gold
  •         Silverware
  •         Platters


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